Couples Who Train Together Stay Together

When you are single, you can either exercise regularly making it an integral part of your life or remain either wise. But when you train together with your partner, the scene may change. Exercising apparently becomes an action resulting from the efforts of both, you and your partner’s mind-set. If your partner is detrimental, it takes nerves to hit the gym regularly. It’s much harder to get into a routine than out of it, so wouldn’t it be encouraging if you have someone giving you guilt trips far worse than you can have by yourself, whenever you miss your exercise? You can rationalize letting yourself down all you want, but it reaches completely new heights of guilt when it comes from someone else. Well, this is just one of the many reasons couples who exercise together, stay together.

According to Dr. Jane Greer, doing exercise can in itself have a positive impact on you once you include your partner in it too. It can have a positive impact on the relationship – physically and emotionally. Thus, training together makes your relationship stronger and gives you a brand new and exciting way to bond.

Because you overcome the hurdles together

When you are on the verge of giving up, a partner is the best motivation. Cooking and going out to eat is easy because you both want the healthiest, yet most fulfilling option possible.

Your sex life boosts up

Looking at your partner working out turns you on, right? Watching the sweaty body all worked up boosts your hormones. Sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. Ohh Myyy…

Your partner understands and appreciates your routine

Your partner respects your dedication and there is also a sense of competition. When you train together, your overall efficiency boosts up. No need for a heads-up from your partner when you want to work your schedule around your time at the gym,

Pushing your limits was never this easy

When your partner is watching you, you gotta impress him/her. those extra 2 pushups are thanks to your partner. The efficiency boosts up when you train together.

Training together means more quality time.

Aside from going on dinner dates or watching movies, quality time takes a whole new meaning when you train together with your significant other. You’re not just making conversation, you’re both pushing yourselves to your physical and mental limits to be the best you can be

Cheat days are twice as fun when you train together

You may have thought you were in all your glory at the gym, but when the two of you get in front of a plate of mac and cheese there is no stopping either of you.

You indulge as much as you want because you know exactly where you will be the next day – back at the gym.

Who wouldn’t love an intimate massage

When you train together, you would love a good relaxing massage. Well, you do know that your partner is the one most comfortable with your body. Sweat would instead turn them on. Shower together after that.

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Tips For Preventing The Growth And Spread Of The Legionella Bacteria In Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are common systems seen in industrial areas. They are staple features used by or in chemical or petrochemical plants, oil refineries, and thermal power stations. They can also be part of a building’s HVAC system to help cool the facility. This system is essential to cool down water that has been heated due to air-conditioning condensing or an industrial process. A tower does this by using water and an evaporation process to pull the heat away and release it outside, hence creating a comfortable, cooler indoor environment.

Although cooling towers help make a facility’s indoor environment cooler, these systems can become home to various harmful types of bacteria, including Legionella. This is because a cooling tower’s process of cooling water leads to the collection of dust and debris that settle in the basin of the cooling tower. If the tower is not cleaned and maintained properly and regularly, bacteria, particularly Legionella, will flourish in the residue found in the basin since it is the ideal environment for them.

There are some key tips you can follow to effectively control Legionella bacterial growth in cooling towers and consequently prevent disease outbreaks. These include the following:

Properly and regularly maintaining the cooling tower. Since a cooling tower constantly collects debris, it is important to regularly remove whatever has settled in the tower. Key maintenance tasks that need to be regularly done include carrying out ongoing inspections to identify any mechanical deficiencies, immediately repairing any mechanical issues the tower may have including leaks and broken panels and fans, and performing regular proper cooling tower cleanings.

Employ systematic filtration. Aside from regular cleaning, it is essential to make sure that the tower water be filtered on a continuous basis to remove dirt and debris and prevent build-up or accumulation of sludge. Through systematic filtration, dust and debris are removed immediately, organic compounds and biological organisms are captured and eliminated, and food and hiding places that can foster bacterial development will be eradicated quickly as well.

Treat the water regularly. Chemical water treatment is also crucial to control scale formation, maintain the acceptable pH levels of the water system, reduce corrosion and fouling, and prevent biological contamination.

Regular monitoring. Consistent automatic system monitoring and commissioning are essential to enhance water quality and system performance. Monitoring can be done with the use of the right equipment and software. There are also various Legionella water testing kits that can be used to assess the quality of the water in the tower. Continuously monitoring water quality and system efficiency is also an important part of the process. You can also ask building personnel to inform you of any decline in water quality.

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How Ayurvedic Medicines Help In Providing Better Health Standards

The healing based on Ayurveda has been in use for centuries. This is the science which involves the usage of naturally occurring substances like plants, leaves, minerals, vitamins, flowers, fruits, etc to combat diseases. The logic behind this is that nature is full of mesmerizing gifts. Nature harbors the wide array of plants which are full of different types of substances. These substances help in the purification of the blood, thus improving the overall health standards of an individual. Let me discuss some of the herbs which are widely used in the manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines.

Aloe Vera

It is considered as the miraculous plant. It finds tremendous usage in the pharmaceutical industry. The reason for this is that this plant contains several nutrients. It contains more than 22 acids along with several other constituents. When these constituents are consumed, they help in providing complete nourishment to the body tissues, thus enhancing the overall health standards of an individual. It is considered as an excellent blood purifier and helps in improving the functionality of the blood.

Bacopa Monnier

It is another herb which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacturing of medicines. It contains several constituents which help in providing relief from stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also helps in combating the nervous disorder. The use of this on a regular basis helps in improving the power of the brain.

Emblica Officinalis

This is another herb which is a rich source of vitamins. It helps in the purification of the blood and is also very effective in combating several ailments related to skin and eyes.

Withania Somniferous

Popularly known as ashwagandha, it contains several ingredients which help in boosting the stamina and strength of the body. The ayurvedic medicines developed out of this help in enhancing the sexual performance in males. Its regular use improves the circulation of blood in the body which eventually results in increasing the strength.

Momordica Charantia

The latest research has suggested this plant is an excellent cure for increased blood sugar level. The intake of this helps in the production of insulin which regulates the level of sugar in the body.

Ocimum Sanctum

This is another herb which finds tremendous usage in the manufacturing of medicines. These medicines are very effective in combating cough, cold and other forms of allergies. It helps in providing the overall immunity of the body.

There are numerous other varieties of herb which are widely used by the ayurvedic medicines manufacturers. They use these plants in order to develop the complete range of medicines. The regular intake of these helps in the purification of the blood. Moreover, these also help in boosting the overall immunity of the body.

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Treating Croupy Cough – Home Remedies Or Doctor?

Croupy cough is not a typical raspy kind of cough that you usually hear. The distinctive sign that your toddler has croupy cough is if he or she sounds somewhat like a seal pup barking. It is a very-pitched sound that can be quite alarming.

Children who have a more serious infection sometimes develop a raspy, vibrating, harsh wheeze when they inhale.

What Is Croupy Cough And What Causes It?

This is a type of respiratory infection that usually affects toddlers who are younger than 5 years of age. Children are usually affected through the autumn and winter months.

The condition is commonly caused by a particular strain of virus called adenovirus or influenza virus. Sometimes however, it can also be caused by bacteria. At the beginning of the infection, your child will probably suffer from a mild cold and cough. This may or may not be accompanied by a low fever.

As the infection progresses, your child’s voice may turn more hoarse and it will sound something like laryngitis. However the coughing sound will be quite different from any other coughing sound. As we said before, it will sound like a young seal barking.

How long the symptoms of the condition last depends mainly on the severity of the condition. Typically, the duration is between five to six days. If left untreated, the condition can lead to several other complications such as respiratory distress, ear infection or even pneumonia.

Home Remedies Or Doctor?

There are a few things you can do at home to reduce the symptoms if you find that your child’s breathing is labored or your child is wheezing with a very high-pitched sound.

The first thing you can try is to get the bathroom hot and steamy by closing the door and turning the shower on hot. Let your child stay in the steamy room for a while as moist air can make it easier for your child to breathe.

If you have as face steamer, you can use that too to generate steam, which your child can breathe in.

If neither of these two strategies work, you must take your child to a pediatrician to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. A pediatrician will do a thorough evaluation and will advise you as to what you should do next depending on the severity of your child’s symptoms.

Never, ever give your child any type of over the counter medications as these may have dangerous side effects.

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The Artificial Coloring of Our Holidays

It’s that time of year again! Colorful confections are hitting the store shelves, and likely your kids, like mine, are begging to purchase those colorful sugar bombs every time you walk into the store. It’s such a constant battle that I try every way possible not to take my little critters shopping with me.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m all for kids having fun and enjoying the holidays we all remember growing up with. Packaged candy treats around this time of year of are one of them.

I know I wrote about this last year, but it bears repeating. My problem, besides the excess of sugar, is the amount of food dyes consumed. It’s just not good. And while you might argue that a small amount of colored candies for a short duration of the year is harmless, I’d like to persuade you otherwise. Artificial colors are a problem, and they are far more prevalent and far-reaching than you think.

Besides Halloween candy, food dyes are used in numerous products aimed towards our kids. A few examples include boxed macaroni and cheese, yogurts, cereals, jello, frostings, and even some snack crackers. Our kids are consuming these additives all year long, with a sudden spike around Halloween time.

Why should we care? For one, they are completely unnecessary, and the sole purpose of them is to sell more product… to your kids. Second, they are created from chemicals derived from petroleum.

Third, and perhaps most important, they can have detrimental health effects on the little bodies of our kids. Hopefully that perks your ears a bit.

A 2012 meta-analysis on studies related to artificial colors and hyperactivity in children found a positive correlation, meaning that food dyes were linked to over-active behavior. In 2007, even before this, a study in the UK showed an increase in hyperactivity in children consuming artificial colors, prompting the government to require labeling and warnings on products. Based on similar studies, Norway and Austria have banned them completely.

Additionally, newer research has shown that artificial colors can increase the risk for food sensitivities and leaky gut. Yikes! How you ask? Well, turns out that food dyes, when in the digestive tract, bind up some of your digestive enzymes, namely trypsin, which then inhibits the breakdown of proteins. These larger proteins ends up in the small intestine undigested, triggering inflammation, which then inflames the intestines and sets the stage for the immune system to over-react to foods. You also increase the risk for malabsorption and other conditions related to leaky gut (poor digestion, body aches, eczema, neurological issues, etc). Not good for our kids.

Personal story alert. My one experience with the detrimental effect of artificial colors is related to night terrors. Your kids ever have one of those? Oh man they are not fun. Imagine your 2 year old screaming in the middle of the night, eyes rolled back in their head, not even entirely awake, and nothing will calm him down. It’s terrifying. After a couple of these frightening episodes we traced it back to a source. Every time he had a candy with blue dye, that night an episode would occur. Cut out the blue dye, no more night terrors. I realize this is not the night terror cure for everyone, but do think of food reactions in these cases. For us, thankfully, it was a simple fix, and afterwards we resolved to be more vigilant on additives and preservatives in our kid’s diet.

This year, do your kids, and everyone’s kid, a favor by not distributing candy using artificial colors. Also search your cabinets, read labels, and discard any products that use them as well.

Thanks to the hard work by researchers and health advocates, many companies are starting to re-formulate their food products. You can, in fact, find many viable alternatives that will be just as unhealthy sugar-wise, but won’t overload our kids on artificial colorings. Check Amazon, online organic grocers like, or your local co-op. Better yet, distribute a few toys or stickers instead.

Don’t worry, Halloween will still be fun and your little angels won’t turn into little devils in the process. Good luck this holiday season!

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